GM Recalls Keep On Rolling, This Time It’s The Malibu and LaCrosse

2014 buick lacrosse awd

The latest in a growing list of GM recalls hits the 2014 Chevy Malibu and the 2014 Buick LaCrosse. The reason for the recall is a problem with the brakes.

GM issued the recall when it determined that there was a possibility that the rear brake rotors had been inadvertently installed in the front brake assemblies of the two vehicles. This means they are recalling 8,208 vehicles for a brake inspection to determine if they were properly installed.

The GM recalls have been coming at a steady clip as the company tries to recover from the faulty ignition switch recall that is now being investigated in the courts. Just how many have they issued? So far this year, they’ve issued 19 different recalls affecting a total of 5.4 million vehicles. Some cars were affected by multiple recalls, and of that number, 2.6 million were part of the faulty ignition switch recall. Five of the recalls have come in just the last two weeks.

A stop sale order was issued for the affected cars on May 1st until dealers had a chance to inspect vehicles on their lots. Once inspected and if necessary fixed, those vehicles will again be up for sale. Most of the cars were still with dealers as only 1,700 had already been purchased by consumers.

A large part of the reason for all the GM recalls is GM CEO Mary Barra’s promise to put a greater focus on vehicle safety and her desire to get any potential recalls up and moving rather than delayed. It’s all part of an effort to get back any lost confidence consumers may have suffered as a result of how the ignition switch recall was handled by GM.

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