Team Indiana Joans #183 Nailed the Dunes in Day Three of 2014 Gazelle Rally

Emme Hall and Sabrina Howells Take No Prisoners

Rallye Aicha des Gazelles Team 183
Team #183, Image: Nicole Dreon

Day three of the 2014 Gazelle Rally of Morocco saw team #183 (aka “Indiana Joans”) of Emme Hall and Sabrina Howells nail the dunes.  Team #183 had their best day yet on a leg of the Gazelle Rally.  This is their second appearance at the rally as a team.

They opted for route Y and nailed the dunes to finish third in that section. They then made the rest of the four checkpoints with ease. The driver and co-pilot were ecstatic when they reached the bivouac at 4:03 p.m.  This was the first time in two years the women made all the checkpoints in a designated leg.

“This is the first time we’ve made it back to the bivouac while it’s still light out,” exclaimed Howells, as she danced around. “Did you know there is a bar?” Had the team arrived three minutes earlier it could have been an expensive evening. “I was joking around before the leg that I would buy everyone beer if we made it back to the bivouac by 4 p.m.”

By opting to take the “Y” route, the team will suffer a 90-kilometer penalty. Regardless, they will most likely move up in the standings.  Team #183 is now listed in 55th place (out of 137 in the class).

Go team Indiana Joans!  We are cheering for you here.  May you be as successful as Sebastien Loeb!