Pebble Beach: The Death of the BMW M3 is Official With the M4 Concept


Bimmerphiles crushed by the loss of the M3 earlier this year have something new to pine over: BMW introduced the brand-new M4 concept on the lawn of Pebble Beach just yesterday. Immediately preceding the company’s release of the 4-series coupe later this year, the unveiling of this M4 concept shows BMW’s commitment to the switch to 4-series badging–they are fully invested in the name change with the newest M car. And judging by its looks, this M car may be one of the sleekest and most beautiful ever set for production.

Little is known about the specifications of the M4 concept. BMW has disclosed no engine details, interior details, or even dimensions of the car, though we do know that the concept wears 20-inch wheels that cover giant carbon ceramic brakes. The carbon roof has model-specific M stripes along its length, and “Aero” mirrors grace the low-slung side dimensions. A carbon fiber front splitter and carbon exhaust tips also appear on the concept, though it’s highly unlikely that these features will make it to production.P90131219_highRes__mid

Most striking about BMW’s design for the M4 concept is its similarity to other M cars, past and present. The five-spoke alloy wheels hiding massive, colored calipers simply screams M5/M6, while the small hump in the middle of the hood line harkens back to the E92 M3’s design. Even the rear dimensions of the M4 are unmistakably similar to those of the M6 Gran Coupe, with squarish, wraparound LED taillights and a decklid spoiler built right in. It’s a perfect mix of old and new in a super-sporty package.

More details are sure to surface about the M4 Coupe in the next few months, but expect BMW to tell all during this year’s LA Auto Show, when the official unveiling is supposed to take place. Until then, we mourn the fabulous E92 M3 but see a bright future for the M division with the newest M4.P90131220_highRes__mid

Please enjoy this video of the M4’s older brother, the M6 Coupe.