The Nissan TeRRA FCEV concept does the Danse Macabre

Madame and musée, I preset the Nissan TeRRA FCEV Concept.

PARIS (Sept. 27, 2012) – The crowd at the 2012 Paris Motor Show gasped as the Nissan TeRRA FCEV Concept was unveiled.  Okay – that’s dramatic license. I honestly don’t know how the reaction of the crowd. What I do know is that the Nissan TeRRA FCEV Concept is a Nissan Leaf cousin built for off road.

Sort of. 

What you see here is a hydrogen fuel-cell/electric vehicle with the front wheels driven by a similar system used in the current Nissan Leaf. The  Nissan TeRRA FCEV Concept has electric motors inside the rear wheels giving it true four-wheel drive architecture. Think about it, the massive torque of electric power driving all four wheels. Can you imagine how this baby would dance in the dirt?

Here’s Nissan’s take: “Taking center stage and making its global debut at Paris is the rugged TeRRA concept car. The dramatically designed four-seater takes the philosophy of Zero Emissions mobility and extends it into an exciting new domain. Powered by hydrogen fuel cell, TeRRA offers four-wheel-drive capability and proves that Zero Emissions vehicles aren’t just for the urban environment. Nissan is already the market leader in the zero emissions field, with the all-electric Leaf continuing to lead the way thanks to its innovative design and engineering.

Through the use of in wheel motor technology, TeRRA is free of the packaging constraints that affect conventional SUVs. With no central transmission tunnel, the seating gives all four passengers a broad and unique view out of the vehicle. In addition, TeRRA introduces bold new surfacing materials and removable, portable technology for the driver display and infotainment systems.”

Nissan may stun, baffle and polarize with their designs, but at least they’re not boring.

The Nissan TeRRA SUV concept may point at a design language in Nissan’s future.

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