Toyota’s new Prius sub-brand of cars a hit according to the company’s sales figures


So far Toyota says that it has sold 8,399 units of the new Prius V Minivan, or would people-hauler be a more appropriate name?

The company sold those cars from the end of October 2011 (when the Prius V arrived stateside at Toyota dealerships) to the end of the last year.

The Prius V is a larger version of the iconic Prius Hybrid (check out our first drive review below). While it still only seats 5 people, the Prius V has much more room for both passengers and their gear than the current Prius. Both cars use Toyota’s well-established hybrid synergy drive, but the Prius still gets better overall gas mileage than the Prius V.


Next, Toyota is expanding the Prius hybrid nameplate yet again with the recent introduction of the Prius C subcompact hatchback. The new smaller Prius hybrid will be priced at just under $19,000, and will arrive at American Toyota dealerships this spring.

Toyota says that it plans to sell a combined total of 220,000 Prius vehicles in 2012, which will also include the new Prius plug-in that’s also debuting this year. The new Prius plug-in will be able to go up to 15 miles on electricity alone, and will be priced starting at just over $32,000.

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