Video: new bike tires that light up…could glowing LED car tires be next?


That’s right, a British company founded by James Tristram, has now figured out a way to embeds LED lighting direct into the sidewall of a bike tire.

Unlike other forms of cycling safety equipment these new tires actually have lights in the tread of the tire that light up.

Could car tires be next?

Tristram says these new tires are an “unprecedented safety measure.”

And what’s even more interesting is that the tire lights don’t need batteries, but instead are powered by the rotation of the wheels.

The Cyglos, formerly know as “Night Bright Tires,” are not yet available for purchase but the design has been patented in both the US and the UK and the company making the light up tires secured production funding earlier this year.

So look for light-up tires at a bike store near you sometimes in the not-so-distant future and perhaps in your local car tire shop in the very distant future as well.

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