Ferrari opens first dealership in India, but some wonder why?


This 2007 photo of a Ferrari driving driving 11,000 km through 16 Indian states tells the entire story.

Ferrari may be ready for India, but is India ready for Ferrari?

With many Indian roads that are either congested or just plain scary, the fact that you can now buy a supercar capable of 200 MPH in India might seem a bit odd to some.

But Ferrari says that its just opened New Delhi car dealership will sell cars to the growing number of successful professionals, entrepreneurs and Bollywood stars.


The company says it will take 5-7 years for the brand to establish itself, but now is the best time to get started in India. In fact Ferrari plan on opening another dealership in India in Bombay in early 2012.

So who much will it cost to buy a Ferrari in India?

The starting price of a Ferrari California ( the least expensive model to be sold) will be 22 million rupees or about $485, 651.00 dollars. Ferrari plans to offer its full line of cars in India.

“Our objective was to launch the Indian Market in 2011 and it ‘s a pleasure to inaugurate this first dealership here today,” says Ferrari boss, Amedeo Felisa. “We feel that this is the right moment, considering the dynamism of the country and its economy. Here in India you feel great enthusiasm and a strong connection to the Ferrari brand, which, even before officially entering India, had already around 50 clients in the country.”

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