Dacia brings both lightening and thunder to Pikes Peak with 850-hp GT-R-powered Duster


You may not know the European car-maker Dacia, but you’ll certainly want to know this.

The monster 850-hp GT-R-powered Duster is the love child of a joint effort between Dacia and Renaultsport to win the 2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb title in Colorado.

The Duster is a purpose-built race car that’s ready to take on both Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima Suzuki and Rhys Millen’s Hyundai at the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The “No Limit” Duster will be piloted by driver Jean-Phillipe Dayraut who normally spends his time contesting the Andros Trophy in France.


On June 26th Jean-Phillipe Dayrau will have about 10 minutes to make it into the record books by driving the Duster to the top of Pikes Peak. If he can do it in under 10 minutes he’ll set a new record in the unlimited class and earn a spot in history.

The reigning three-time Andros Trophy champion will however have to keep the Duster on the Mountain, and that’s not so easy with sheer cliffs of thousands of feet,  and a road that switches from gravel to dirt to gravel.

Just like last year we’ll be at Pikes Peak to report how GT-R-powered Duster does next month as it takes on one of the the oldest car races, and the oldest hill climb in the world.

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