Poll: What are the top ten most designed challenged cars of 2011? (part 2)


Let’s face it….all cars are not designed the same.

Yes, some cars just take your breath away while other just make you look away.

Recently the folks over at Edmunds Insideline took a stab at selecting the top ten 10 Ugliest cars of 2011.

Their list includes everything from a Ferrari to a Hybrid.

But since beauty is often in the eye of the beholder we figured that you might want to have a say in what in Edmund’s editorial eye are the top ten (Edmunds says ugliest we prefer designed challenged) cars of this year.

The Top cars, as selected by Edmunds, are listed in the poll below. Just vote for your top three favorite (or is it least favorite) below? Best of all the second you vote, you’ll also see the results of the poll.

Have fun and let’s pick a winner (or is it loser) together.