Crossfires Across America comes to the Rocky Mountains in July

Chrysler Crossfire lovers – come to the Rockies this summer for a grand time!

One thing I love about the car world is the unpredictability of collectability. The Chrysler Crossfire was not exactly a huge hit when it appeared in the mid 2000’s – but it was unique. Sharing many components with the Mercedes Benz SLK 320, the Crossfire was not without its charm.

The one I drove was a hardtop and it was fairly entertaining.

There is something romantic and anachronistic about the Chrysler Crossfire. Its lines remind some of 1934 Chrysler Airflows while its haunches hint at Bugatti and a little bit of the achingly beautiful Chrysler Atlantic Concept car.

The Crossfire’s 3.2 liter V6 put out a mediocre 215 horsepower. The supercharged 3.2-liter V6 cranked a much more respectable 330 hp. Power is fed to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual which came standard while a five-speed automatic was optional. CAA logo

Chrysler’s Crossfire certainly wasn’t for everyone. Some bemoaned its close relation to Mercedes Benz’s products while others felt it was not a good performer. I know of some popular automotive journalists who think it’s a sham of a vehicle with just a skin-job separating it from the small Benz. One even called Chrysler “lazy.” Actually, the Crossfire required a lot of engineering and hard work to build. likes the underdog and the Chrysler Crossfire was quite an interesting underdog. I wish all of the members of the very best and we hope to cover part of the event. I think they selected the right state for their get-together.

Here’s some basic information about the event: “The Crossfires Across America – Rocky Mountain Edition is an event that is open to anyone owning a (Chrysler) Crossfire and who wants to meet in one of American’s most scenic locations. The event will take place from Monday, July 25, 2011 and will conclude on Thursday, July 28, 2011. Hotel check in will be available on Sunday, July 24 and check out on Friday, July 29.” – – CAA

If you’re in the Colorado area late July of 2011 – and you like Chrysler Crossfires – check out the websites below.

If you like that – check out THIS big Chrysler driving to Colorado’s high country!

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