Video: the new 2012 Ford Ranger pickup that’s not coming to a dealership near you


Ford rolled out two new cars at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show including the brand spanking new 2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak pickup, and the new small B segment people mover…the B-Max.

But here’s the catch.

Neither the 2012 B-Max, or the 2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak pickup is coming to a Ford dealership near.

Oh how time flies. It seems just like a couple of years ago that Ford was trumpeting it’s “One World One Vision” sales strategy. The crux of which was that Ford would build and sell the same cars around the world saving money and resources in the process.

It was a great strategy and it yielded terrific new world cars like the new Ford Fiesta and the new 2012 Ford Focus…but no more. Apparently the “One Word Vision” does not extend to the new 2012 B-Max or the 2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak pickup. Which is very strange indeed as the current American Ranger is well beyond long-in-the-tooth.

We suspect that when it comes to pickups,  Ford is concerned that a sparkling new Ranger may cannibalize sales of the America’s best selling vehicle…the Ford F-150.

However, we also suspect that if gas prices keep heading for the moon….Ford may rethink its new “Duel World Duel Vision” strategy of only selling the new fuel efficient 2.2L diesel Ranger in Europe.

Don’t fret, at least we can show you the two new Ford vehicles that you can’t buy below:

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