The most affordable Audi is a Table

This is one of those public interest stories that will resonate mostly with Audi fans.

Have you always wanted a new, limited edition Audi product but couldn’t quite swing the price? Fork up $18,300 and own a piece of Audi-goodness… sort of.

Audi’s design team took two years to take their design ethos and transfer it into a foosball table.

Look, I know you’re rolling your eyes, Europeans take foosball very seriously. Wolfgang Egger, head of Audi design, said there would only be 20 of these rather exclusive tables.  Leonhart, a top-notch table-soccer/foosball manufacturer in Bavaria, will produce these units.

The Audi foosball table uses high strength plastic, wood and aluminum. So far, no word on carbon fiber upgrades.

This is one of those items that someone has a real use for. I guarantee all 20 have or will sell out shortly. Hell, even in the U.S. I know of a few cats who wear Audi jackets, sunglasses, shoes and own lots of swag from the automaker. He may deny it, but Roman Mica (’s Sherpa) rubbed his chin in deep contemplation over owning one.

You can find more information on the Audi Foosball table by clicking (HERE)

If Roman buys one – I’m buying a Cadillac humidor.

Here’s some Audi absurdity perpetrated by in a mashed-up match-up!  

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