Levi Leipheimer proves the all electric Nissan Leaf will go 94 MPH


You have to admit that Tour de France rider and Team RadioShack member Levi Leipheimer is holding on pretty tightly to the steering wheel of the new all electric Nissan Leaf.

You have to wonder why?

Could it be that Leipheimer has a firm grip on the steering wheel because he is DRIVING AT 94 MPH?

This photo of Leipheimer was posted to Nissan’s Facebook page and was snapped at a recent Nissan Track event in California with Team RadioShack at the Nissan Test Center.

Lance Armstrong was also at the event, and became one of the first persons to be photographed (at least in the wild outdoors see photo below) in the upcoming 2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriole.


BTW: We’re betting that Armstrong had more fun on the track in the Nissan GT-R.


Or perhaps the Nissan 370Z.


Than Levi had doing 94 MPH in the Leaf.

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