Chrysler workers caught on camera drinking & smoking weed after Obama saves their jobs


This must certainly be the type of video that keeps Chrysler PR types up all night.

A recent WJBK Fox 2 News story in Detroit busted a handful of Chrysler employees on their break drinking and smoking pot outside of the auto-maker’s Jefferson North auto plant in Detroit.

Now keep in mind that this is the very same plant that Obama visited just two months ago, and held up as a one reason for saving the bankrupt and failing automaker.

Perhaps just as troubling to the Chrysler PR types is that this plants manufactures the new Jeep Grand Cherokee (you can read and watch a review of the SUV HERE) which is being touted by Chrysler as the great return to American craftsmanship.

The video below seems to suggest that instead of “great American craftsmanship” the workers at the Jefferson North auto plant in Detroit are back to Union business as usual.

Of course would be completely unfair to judge an entire car manufacturing plant, union, and car company based on a few guys drinking and smoking week during their break, but it does certainly send the wrong message about the work ethic of those particular Chrysler employees.

The good news? At least there certainly seems to be a happy and even party attitude at Chrysler’s Jefferson North auto plant in Detroit.

Maybe that’s not such good news…especially if you are buying a new Jeep built by one of these drunk and stoned bozos.

You can watch the orginal video HERE.

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