Chevrolet Volt may or may not go 40 miles on a charge…we’re guessing not


Here’s some more news from the “should have seen this one coming a mile away” file.

The latest news from GM is that the upcoming Volt will go anywhere from 25 to 50 miles on a single charge using only the car’s batteries.

Why the new lower electric only range number?

According to the AP:

“The distance will depend on temperature, terrain, driving technique and the age of the lithium-ion batteries.

Spokesman Rob Peterson said GM is not backing away from the original 40-mile range, and that it made the change because the company now has more experience driving and testing the Volt than it had in the past.”

Here’s our best guess given the experience we’ve already had driving various electric and hybrid cars.

Going downhill, on a warm day, with the wind and not using anything that draws power like the radio you’ll get 50 miles on a single charge…if you are lucky.

On the other hand when it is cold, and you are using the heater, light and wipers and driving to work in stop and go traffic you’ll be lucky to go 25 miles before the car’s engine kicks in.

The Volt will be for sale “for $41,000 Volt in December in California; Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; and the New York City metropolitan area,” according to the AP.

So get ready for onslaught of uber green GM Volt advertising if you live in those areas.

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