Is the Ghazal 1 a cross between a Mercedes-Benz G class and a port-o-potty?


Here's an interesting question with a photo answer (see above).

What would you get if you mated a Mercedes-Benz G class SUV with a port-o-potty?

The answer is pictured above, but officially it is called the Ghazal 1, and it is the first domestically produced car by Saudi Arabia.

OK, so we're joking about the Ghazal 1, but you have to admit that at least the color of the Ghazal 1 does indeed bear a striking resemblance to many American port-o-pottys.

And to be fair the Ghazal 1 was inspired by the boxy Mercedes-Benz G class SUV according to publisded reports.


Apparently, the Ghazal 1 is named after a nimble desert deer found in Saudi Arabia, but nimble would not be the world we would use to describe the styling of this Saudi SUV.

The car was designed by Saudi University student and unveiled recently by King Abdullah at a formal ceremony at the King Saud University.

No world on how much it cost to design, or if it will ever be build, but we're betting that unlike Germany….Saudi Arabia is better at producing oil than cars.

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