2010 superbike calendar girl on Tiger Woods women list

Dateline Tigergate day 14:
As you know it all started with an odd late night crash of a Cadillac Escalade that led to a string of revelations which eventually helped reveal the Tiger Woods women list.

Today we discovered that one alleged women on the Tiger Woods list is a 2010 motorcycle calender model.

Her name is Jamie Jungers and she appears scantly clad and posing seductively on 5 months of the the Fast Dates 2010 World Superbike calendar.

Tigergirl2x-inset-community According to USA Today, "Photographer Jim Gianatsis, who puts out a series of racing-oriented
calendars, said he found model Jamie Jungers in a pinch at the Miller
 Motorsports Park in Utah  after a couple of other models suddenly
dropped off his photo shoot, and ended using Jungers as a
bikini-and-racing-togs pinup."

The Sun of London newspaper is reporting that Jamie Jungers claims to be one of the many cocktail waitresses on the Tiger Woods women list.

It is good to know that Tiger seems to have an appreciation for women who enjoy motor sports…be they of the two wheeled variety.

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