Porsche has a dismal June so this might be a good time to buy that dream 911


It wasn't all that long ago that Porsche sold 2,650 cars in the U.S.

Actually, it was exactly a year ago in June.

But fast forward to June of 2009 and the sales of the high end sports car brand are pretty much circling the drain.

Last month Porsche only sold 902 cars and SUV's in the United States—that a 66 percent drop in sales from the this sale time last year.


Out of the foreign car manufactures only Suzuki had a worse month of June, and only Saab sold fewer cars with just 779 Saabs going out of the dealership showroom.

According to CNBC:

company sold 260 Boxster and Cayman sports car models in June, down 67
percent from 789 a year ago, and 367 of its 911 sports car models, down
more than 48 percent from 715 a year ago. Porsche sold 275 Cayennes,
down 76 percent from 1,146 in June 2008."

If Porsche follows the trend of the bigger car manufactures and cars start to pile up at either the dealerships of the ports, July might just be a great months to get the dream 911 that you've always wanted at a record bargain discount.