Trade in ‘cash for clunker’ and get a new Smart car for only $99 per month

Can you see yourself driving a smart car for only $99 per month?

Sure it is a tiny little car that gets 35.5 mpg, but for $99 per month you could do much worse.

Smart USA has jumped on the "cash for clunkers" bandwagon with a special financing offer via Daimler Financial that when combined with the Federal rebate offers seriously low monthly payments.

According to

"For a smart car selling for just under $14,000, buyers
using the stimulus can sign a balloon note that will reduce the their
monthly payments to $99 per month over three years.

The terms of the loan obligate them to refinance a residual value
of $6,670 at the end of the term, (smart USA President Dave) Schembri
said. Buyers can also trade in the vehicle at the end of three years.

The program will launch later this month. You can register now at the smart USA web Site.

To see if you and your clunker qualify for the Federal Rebate just check out the web site for all of the official small print.