Why do all electric cars look like a squashed cockroach crossed with a Chinese tractor?


The big news this week in the world of electric cars was that a new Southern California company plans to sell a Chinese made electric car next year in the U.S. for about 45K that goes between 90 to 120 miles per charge.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Coda.

"This is the start of bringing electric vehicle technology to the
market," said Kevin Czinger, CEO of Coda, which is based in Santa
Monica, Calif., where the car was unveiled.

Ev1 No Kevin, I must correct you actually GM's EV1 was the start of "of bringing electric vehicle technology to the
market" and you've accomplished something truly remarkable. You're about to sell a car that's even uglier than the EV1 which came from GM's little known "squashed cockroach" school of design.

You seem to have taken that theme and combined it with the Chinese Red Army's revolutionary agricultural school of design to come up with a car that will rival the Aztec as America's ugliest automotive creation.

The proportions of the Coda make it seem as if it was pre-crashed from both the front and rear in order to cut down on future repair cost.

And for those of you in the know, and before you start writing comments about how swell and jazzy the crazy expensive Tesla looks next to a Coda, I would only add that the Tesla has a unique and singular design distinction.

Tesla-roadster-2 That being: the Tesla designers were able to take one of the sexiest cars in the world (if not the sexiest car in the world) the petite and drop dead gorgeous Lotus Elise, and make it look frumpy, tired, and to be honest somewhat mundane and boring.

Oh yea, I would also add that you can light up the Coda like a Christmas Tree in Times Square with all LEDs ib China, but the thing still looks like a depressed and overfed owl.

Somebody, and soon, seriously need to take two 500 horsepower electric engines and stuff them (one attached to each rear wheel) into an old school MOPAR dragster. Perhaps from the old top fuel "Snake and Mongoose" school of design.

Have that electric dragster do a sub 10 second quarter mile run. Which, when you think about it, should be easy as you don't need a lot of batteries to go a quarter of a mile.

Once that's been accomplished design a road going and road legal version of that car and sell it ASAP.

I'd be willing to bet that it wouldn't take much to sell that car to myself and millions of other car crazy drivers around the country.

Until somebody can make that happen, please leave the Woody Allen Sleeper like squashed cockroach cars in China.


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