Never before published Hitler photos show that Adolf was a crazy car guy


Did you know that Adolf Hitler was a crazy car guy?

And we mean crazy.

A group of never before published Hitler photos was just unearthed by Life Magazine.

They were taken by German photographer Hugo Jaeger who was granted unprecedented access to Adolf Hitler, traveling and chronicling his life between the years 1936 to 1945.

The photos are also special because they are in color. "The future," Hitler once said to Jaeger, "belongs to color photography."

According to this first image was taken as: "Adolf Hitler tours the 1939 International Auto Exhibition in Berlin.
Three years before, at another Berlin auto show, Hitler announced that
Porsche would design the "People's Car," or Volkswagen, an affordable,
practical vehicle for the working German family.


The second photo is Hitler casually chatting about cars:

"Hitler was enthusiastic about cars, but didn't like to drive. For
years, he had his chaffeur race down German roads at 80 mph. But once
the war started, he became increasingly paranoid about his own safety,
and forbade his driver to exceed 35 mph."

We told you that Hitler was a crazy car guy—but you probably already knew that.

Click HERE to see the other photos in the collection.

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