As GM files for bankruptcy the dealer closing list will be made public

Gm Now that General Motors has filed for bankruptcy protection, the list of dealerships slated to be closed should be made public in court documents.

Up until now the complete list of GM dealers on the chopping block was unavailable.

The best source for the for the info was a list complied by the Huffington Post
which placed pins in a Google Map representing GM dealerships scheduled
to close. The list was complied from published reports. Take a look at
the map below and click on the pins for the name and location of the
closing GM dealership.

You can also see the complete list HERE.

View GM Dealerships Asked to Close (Confirmed)Rosenort Motors (Rosenort): in a larger map

Below is a current list of several car manufactures and their current number of dealerships in the U.S., and their market share according to CNN.

Chrysler LLC
Number of dealers: 2411
Market share: 9.4
Dealers per 1 pt. market share: 256

Ford Motor Co.
Number of dealers: 3723
Market share: 15.7
Dealers per 1 pt. market share: 237

General Motors
Number of dealers: 3600
Market share: 20.9
Dealers per 1 pt. market share: 172 

Honda Motor Co.
Number of dealers: 1304
Market share: 12.4
Dealers per 1 pt. market share: 105

Toyota Motor Corp.
Number of dealers: 1470
Market share: 15.4
Dealers per 1 pt. market share: 95

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