Many Chrysler dealers going of out business forced to sell new cars at a loss

Chyslersale Many of the current Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealers who are on
Chrysler's closing dealership list are being forced to sell new cars at
a loss, according to industry analyst.

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Almost 800 national Chrysler dealers are being
forced to sell their inventory of new cars by June 6th of this year
which means substantial new car bargains for buyers looking for Jeep,
Chrysler, or Dodge cars.

However industry analyst warm that while many new Chrysler cars are
selling well below their sticker prices that same trend also extends to
used car pricing. So while new Chrysler cars may be discounted by as
much as $10,000 that same car now has a much lower used resale.

Chrysler is currently in Bankruptcy court trying to get permission to
sell all of its assets to Fiat. This move would potentially allow Chrysler to exit
bankruptcy in the next few weeks.

According to BBC News:

"Although the sale is expected to be granted by the judge at a
bankruptcy court hearing in New York, 337 objections were filed by
Chrysler dealers, bondholders and former employees.

The dealers are unhappy at Chrysler's plans to close about a quarter of them, as it aims to streamline its operations.

A partnership with Fiat would create the world's sixth-largest carmaker"

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