Chrysler Previews Future Design Cues with the Halcyon Concept: What Can We Expect?

Chrysler Halcyon Concept
(Images: Stellantis | Chrysler)

Chrysler offers another glimpse into its future with the sleek Halcyon Concept sedan.

We’ve been asking the same question over the past several years, especially with the inevitable demise of the long-running 300 sedan: What exactly is going on with Chrysler? We thought the Airflow concept may provide some inside when it debuted at CES a couple years ago (and that may still inform the brand’s near-term design), but now we have another angle thanks to the Halcyon Concept.

Obviously, from first glance…it’s not a crossover. Instead, designers went with a sedan, which is a bit strange given the market’s ferocious appetite for anything remotely SUV-ish. Nevertheless, that’s what we have here, and the low-slung Halcyon Concept has plenty of tomorrow’s world tricks to have you wondering if this really is our future. To be clear, this concept is unequivocally not going into production. The company instead wants us to take certain ideas away from today’s reveal for where it could go in the fairly distant future…and apparently where it’s going is a Level 4 autonomous EV that projects the constellations in the night sky as you’re whisked to your destination in futuristic comfort.

It’s worth noting the Level 4 autonomy for a couple reasons. Unlike some companies that just create a lounge-like capsule for humans to slob out in while it just takes them wherever they’re going, Chrysler does leave in actual controls so a “driver” can take over should they choose. Unlike full Level 5 systems (which we’re not even close to yet), Level 4 will work in most circumstances, but may require a person to actually take control in certain areas. Still, the Halcyon envisions a future where you can lean back, put your feet up where the dash normally would be and stargaze. If that’s your thing.

Chrysler Halcyon

In terms of actual meat and potatoes technology we can expect in Chrysler’s future cars, the major pieces to focus on at the moment are the self-driving functionality, called STLA AutoDrive, and the concept’s 800-volt electrical architecture. Chrysler says vehicles derived from the Halcyon Concept will use lithium-sulfur batteries, promising both better range and a lower carbon footprint. In fact, “sustainable” is a word the company tosses around a lot here, from the leather-free interior to even the new Chrysler wing logos in the sills constructed from crushed and recycled CDs. That’s actually a nice touch for us folks who came up with the now-virtually-dead technology.

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept shows the brand may still be considering a four-door sedan in their long-term lineup to replace the 300, though that is far from certain right now. While the automaker took the opportunity to show us a glimpse into what could be coming, we do know the brand’s first production electric vehicle should actually hit the streets by next year.