The Ford Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800 Prototype Is Gunning for the World EV Speed Record

The previous Cobra Jet was already nearing an 8-second quarter-mile

The Cobra Jet is back, with even more power this time around.

When we last saw the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet (then called the 1400) in June 2021, it set an absurdly quick 8.128-second quarter-mile time at 171.97 mph in Norwalk, Ohio. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as it turns out, as the team behind that car’s development went back to the drawing board and created this: The Mustang Super Cobra Jet 1800.

Ford first used the “Super Cobra Jet” name back in 1969, and it’s fitting they revive it here for an EV world record chasing machine with 1,800 horsepower on tap. “We’re always looking to push ourselves in every corner of the motorsport world,” said Ford Performance Motorsports global director Mark Rushbrook. “Drag racing remains a key proving ground for our products and technology, and we’re excited to not only try to best our own record in the quarter-mile, but to further showcase ongoing development we continue to make across the entire electric vehicle landscape.”

To that end, the Super Cobra Jet 1800 uses the same inverters and motors as the previous model. Time time around, though, it’s running a new transmission and a lighter battery pack. The improvements shave several hundred pounds off the car’s curb weight, which should make it even faster in tandem with the team’s work boosting the car’s power up to 1,800 horsepower. All that grunt makes its way to the ground through an MLe Racecars-tweaked rear suspension and huge Mickey Thompson drag radials.

While the last car holds the standing full-bodied electric vehicle record, Ford Performance Motorsports will attempt to beat it with this new Super Cobra Jet 1800. Beyond that, it’s also gunning for the world’s fastest EV 0-60 mph and the fastest two-wheel drive EV 0-60 mph records later in this NHRA season.