Ask Nathan: Will the Ford E-Transit Courier Come Stateside, Kia vs BMW and Queen vs Pink Floyd?

Ford E-Transit Courier images via Ford

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • How do we convince Ford to bring the E-Transit Courier EV van here?
  • New Kia vs used BMW?
  • Simple question: Queen or Pink Floyd?

This fan is trying to figure our why Ford is stingy with bringing their new E-Transit Courier all-electric small van here.


Q: (Via:Twitter@NathanAdlen) RE: Ford E-Transit Courier van.

Nathan, I need your help on this.

The reason I’m screaming about the Ford E-Transit Courier is because it looks like a good fit for me. Lat year, I decided to commit and go all electric. Right now my wife drives a Model Y and I have a trusty older Nissan Leaf. It’s taken some time to adjust to not driving Fords and doing it gas free. I traded in my 2017 F-150 for the Tesla. My Leaf is a second hand like your daughters.

We live near Calistoga, CA and we’ve already gone cross country in the Model Y. It took us an extra two hours to get to Chicago. I didn’t mind that much, but next time we’ll use my daughter’s Fusion hybrid. I had to get the Leaf for cash after my Lincoln Zephyr was totaled.


I am a long time viewer and was a fan of TFLcar even before Andre came along! I never bothered emailing you guys, but when I found your Twitter page, I changed my mind. That’s because I am dumbfounded with Ford and their insistence on only allowing Europe to have their electric Explorer and NOW their Ford E-Transit Courier van!



Who do I have to scream at to convince Ford to bring their EVs here!? Nathan, I HAVE OWNED MOSTLY FORD PRODUCTS FOR OVER 45 YEARS! The only choices I have to buy an electric Ford is a almost useless to me Mustang Mach E. I agree with your video talking about its stiff ride. It’s too much for me and the grand kids. I followed your advice and used Turo to rent one for a few days. Best advice I ever got!

Then there’s the WAY OVERPRICED Ford Lightning! I can’t spend 50 or 60 grand for something that oversized. I also don’t want to wait a year to get it. There is the Ford E-Transit van, but its too big Nathan. See no one is building an electric minivan. I think the Ford E-Transit Courier is perfect for a guy like me. Retired, grand kids and I run in town to shop. I need something big enough to hold my wife and daughter’s products and my three big dogs.


Sorry to rattle on so much, I truly value the opinion of your crew and you have been at it so long. I think you are honest enough to keep the facts simple and easy for this old geezer to understand. Thank you Nathan and crew!

– Walter UC

A: As far as I can tell, Ford never said they would never sell the E-Transit Courier van here.

For those of you don’t know, the Ford E-Transit Courier is a small van built in in Craiova, Romania, by Ford Otosan. A baby brother to the Ford E-Transit cargo van, the Courier is about the size of a minivan. It is part of three variants that will soon come with three propulsion systems: gas, diesel and all electric. The E-Transit Courier is rated WLTP range of 380km, which is about 236 miles. It has a 100 kW motor powering the front wheels, and can charge at a rate of (up to) 100 kW. At max speed, Ford estimates that it can charge from 10 – 80% in under 35-minutes.

It is capable of holding over 102 cubic feet of cargo (2.9 m3), and it has a 1.5 cu-ft (44 liter) front trunk.

“This can be further increased using the new load-through bulkhead feature, which enables customers to carry items such as planks or pipe over 2,600 mm long. Maximum payload for the all-electric model is 700 kg, with a maximum towing weight of 750 kg.”

Ford UK

That means it can hold a long object that’s over eight-feet long, haul over 1,500 lbs, and tow over 1,600 lbs.

Walter, I agree, this is a pretty cool little EV. For some reason, Americans are not that fond of small vans right now. I’ve see small work vans from Ram, Nissan, GM and Ford vanish – among others. In many cases, it’s based on slow sales, or a lack on demand. A small EV like the Ford E-Transit Courier would be a sweet addition to many city transit needs, but the desire has to be there.

Heck, it could become a cool minivan too, one that could convert to a cargo van. That’s where you were going with this, right?

Ford is still building their Blue Oval Plant, which is supposed to build a variety of electrified vehicles. Right now, we’re expecting a new, all-electric small pickup to start production before too long. I know that they are looking at implementing new battery tech, and (possibly) new EV platforms.

We’ll find out more in the near future, promise.

  • N

The next question comes from a comment submitted to a friend, who passed it to me. This first time buyer is looking for small crossover/SUV, and has narrowed it down to either a used/former leased 2020 BMW X1, or a brand new Kia Seltos X-Line – loaded.

Image: TFLcar

Q: (Via: Tetsudau ) I was pre-approved to buy a vehicle from an auto broker who works with my company.

They do special financing through our network, and usually deal in cars that are recently used. But they do have a connection with our local Kia dealership. That means that I can get a new Kia or a used leas return car. I was about to look at the Kia Seltos, then my manager took me for a ride in her BMW X1 and I loved it. It turns out that the agency has a X1 for $32,499 with low miles. It comes with a 3 year warranty or 30,000 miles. I know the Kia is much longer.

The online page for Kia let me put together a new Seltos X-Line with just about every option for the same price as the BMW X1 which is a 2020 with 33 thousands miles. I’m supposed to get the warranty on top of the current miles.

Here’s my problem in a nutshell, should I go look at the Kia and maybe buy it or maybe buy the BMW X1 because I love it. It’s cute and has a sophisticated feel to it. But I’m a little scared because I have heard horror stories about owning BMWs and their reliability. I need something trustworthy. It’s just me and my cat, and I have no backup incase something goes wrong.

But I love that BMW!

  • Kate M
2024 Kia Seltos

A: This is a tough one, as they both have their attributes, but I would definitely chose one over the other.

This definitely comes down to, “if I were in your position.” That’s because I would go and look at the Kia Seltos right a way.

Look, I totally get how the BMW X1 is so seductive. It’s very quick, handles well and is well appointed. There’s something special about the way many high-end German cars are built, and the X1 is pretty special too. I think the size and tech it pretty good as well.

Unfortunately, it comes down to how long you intend to keep it. If you’re getting rid of it when the warranty expires, I guess it would be okay, but that’s only three years from now. BMWs tend to need a lot of love throughout their lives. Some of the “love” may not be covered by the used car warranty.

At the very least, the Kia Seltos comes with an excellent warranty. On top of that, the new one is downright great in this class. The X-Line gives you the beefier turbocharged engine, and it gives you an eight-speed automatic transmission. This is a much more reliable transmission than the dual clutch. That means, it’s pretty quick, and it should be pretty reliable.

Honestly, you should weigh your options and take the emotion out of the equation.

– N

Sometimes, I get odd questions that are not related to the automotive world. Still, it’s fun to feature them from time to time.

Q: (Via:Twitter@NathanAdlen) Simple question:

Queen or Pink Floyd. And why.

  • Suckor-Successor
Nathan is downright dangerous with a supercharged AND turbocharged engine.

A: Thanks for the (misplaced, but awesome) question.

I am a prog-rock freak, and I think that David Gilmore is one of the most gifted guitarists ever.

With that being said, I do prefer Queen.


Well, that was easy, but this (below) wasn’t!