Tesla (Once Again) Cuts Pricing Across Its Entire Lineup

The Model X and S are getting another $5,000 price drop

(Images: Tesla)

If you’re looking to buy a Tesla, today’s latest price cuts are welcome sights!

While not technically unobtainium, the Tesla Model X has long lived well beyond the means of most buyers out there in the public at-large. Now, with the latest round of price cuts following two others so far this year…well, at least it’s coming back to the affordable side of six figures. The automaker made yet another round of sweeping price cuts heading into the weekend. No matter which Tesla model you look at, you can find savings between $1,000 and $5,000

Why cut prices again? Automotive News reports the decision came about as new rules concerning eligibility for the $7,500 tax credit take effect on April 18. The standard Model 3 will lose half its tax credit, while the top-spec Performance will retain the full amount due to raw materials sourcing requirements in the Treasury Department’s latest guidance. So, Tesla decided to shave $1,000 off the Model 3 and Model 3 Performance’s price tags. The Model Y gets a slightly larger $2,000 drop. As with the earlier cuts, though, the Model S and Model X see the biggest MSRP reductions, by $5,000.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla made waves in January by slashing prices by 20%. The latest decision is again good news for buyers looking to fit a Tesla into their budget, with the base Model 3 now starting at $41,990 before any applicable incentives.

If you’re aiming to buy into one of the brand’s more expensive offerings, you should be able to get it within the next month or so, according to the website’s current delivery estimates. For its more popular Model 3 and Model Y variants, however, you may have to wait two months before delivery depending on how you order it. At the moment, all models seem to be readily available except the Model 3 Long Range.