Toyota Prius Prime POV Review: Here’s How The Fastest New Prius Drives!

Faster than a Civic Si?

Toyota Prius Prime POV review: Some quick facts.

Typically we don’t associate the Toyota Prius with the word “fast.” This, however, is the new Prius Prime. We say fast because the new Plug-n Hybrid puts out 220 horsepower, enough to make it faster than a Civic Si. That’s nearly 100 horsepower more than the previous generation. The car is also an inch wider, an inch longer and two inches shorter. While that massively improves the looks of the new Prius, it also negatively impacts the interior room.

Prius Prime can drive up to 44 miles on electricity alone thanks to a 13.6kWh battery. The more affordable SE trim comes with 17″ wheels that maximize the car’s economy compared to the 19″ wheels on the XSE. Prius Prime SE also gets the best fuel economy rating at 52MPG.

Pricing ranges from $32,350 and $39,170 for the SE and XSE Premium models respectively. However, we’ve covered all the basics facts before.

What’s new with the Prius Prime?

Tommy just got the chance to drive the new Toyota Prius Prime and test just how much faster it is. Along with our fellow reviewer Sofyan, they drove the car and tested the new tech suite and interior layout. To see how the car drives in the real world, check out Tommy and Sofyan’s POV video linked below!