Video: What Does a Truck Guy Think of the New Volkswagen ID. BUZZ?

What does a die-hard truck guy think of this funky electric VDub?

(Images: TFL Studios)

Andre and Roman took a look at the Volkswagen ID. Buzz at CES 2023.

Many would agree that the upcoming Volkswagen ID. Buzz is one of the most anticipated minivans in the history of people movers. I’m serious when I say this, especially if you look at how uninspired minivan styling has been over the decades. The ID. Buzz is styled as a nod to the original Volkswagen Microbus.

Yes, the original had many names like Transporter, Bulli, Type 1-6, and more. Still, it was iconic as being one of the most versatile, and affordable people movers of its time. It was the grandfather of the minivan, and so much more.

Hippies be damned: this ID. Buzz is for the well-heeled masses!

Unlike the original Volkswagen Bus, which was popular with folks on a budget, the ID Buzz appears to headed to a premium consumer. The crowd who will clamor for this ride appear to be (mainly) families who want a little pizzazz in their electric convince. Optimistic outlets expect the pricing to start at the mid $40,000 range, but other insiders are banking on a $50,000 + mark. For reference, the Volkswagen ID4 has a base price of about $39,000.

We expect the same underpinnings as the ID.4

The European ID. Buzz Roman and Andre are looking at will be similar to the U.S. model. Still, it’s not exactly the same. We know that many of the components, and its bones will be based on the ID4. The exact numbers on power and battery size for our market have yet to be released. We do know that a three-row version will be the only one available, at first – and it will be longer than the one on this video.

The overseas’ base model has a 201 horsepower rear-wheel drive setup. But it looks like we will get all-wheel drive standard, with the dual-motor AWD system that makes 295 hp. We expect to see a 82-kWh, 400V lithium-ion battery setup, which is the same as the ID.4 we can already buy.

Many of us at TFL Studios believe that Volkswagen should have led their U.S. electric debut with the ID. Buzz. The ID.4 is fine, but it’s a bit more conventional, while this van is much more about fun. All of us have high hopes for the Buzz. Oddly enough, our biggest VW fan (Andre) hasn’t been exposed to the ID Buzz yet. As such, we get to see how he reacts to this slick van.