These Cars Have FATAL Flaws You NEED To Know About: Buy or Bust Ep.2

You may want to skip these unless you know what you're doing

(Image: TFL Studios)

In this informative episode of Buy or Bust Ep.2, Brendan and Tommy find three vehicles that have major flaws.

This is Buy or Bust Ep.2, the series that brings you to the auction, shows you a few cars and gives you the results of the sale (if it actually sells). On top of that, you get expert commentary on these unique vehicles. It’s more than a bunch of dudes pointing at a car and reciting found information on the net – they actually show you the car and its quirks.

In case you missed it, you can catch up with the first episode here.

Before we kick off Buy or Bust Ep.2 – an important note:

The title specifies “Fatal Flaws.” This is not a direct reference towards driver and passenger safety. Each one of these vehicles has a component, or components that are prone to failure. In some cases, it will kill the vehicle’s powertrain, in others, it can inconvenience the driver by ruining the interior.

I would like to add that two of these vehicles (the Jeep and Mini) have safety issues that should be mentioned. The electro-hydraulic power steering system in the Mini went through a massive recall for 2002 – 2005 models. That’s a major safety issue. Also the Jeep Liberty problems included poor crash test ratings, head restraint recalls, and a high degree of engine issues. This is just a taste of what awaits any used-car buyer. It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence when buying a used car.

Speaking of buying: If you attend the Dealer’s Auto Auction of the Rockies (like Brendan and Tommy did) – you need a dealers or wholesalers license to buy.

What cars did the duo look at this time?

2011 Jeep Liberty (KK) – Honestly, among the gems the boys located in this episode, the Liberty is the cleanest. Liberties had several issues (like the aforementioned safety problems), but the Sky Slider Sunroof was known for failure and leaking. Somehow, Tommy and Brendan found one of the few that seems to work!

2005 Mini Cooper (R50) – The biggest problem with these cars was the CVT (continuously variable transmission) which had a 100-percent failure rate. On top of that, the headlights built in to the hood had a tendency of shifting or failing altogether.

2011 Range Rover (L322) – Tommy plugged in the scanner and found: transmission code, cruise control module, break pedal position sensor, speed sensor and on and on and on. Truly, one of the biggest issues is the completely useless suspension, which is collapsed. The air suspension systems in these vehicle was prone to failure, and it folles Range Rover to this day.

Check out the video and see how much each car fetched at the auction!