Video: 3 Dirt Cheap Modern Classics to Buy RIGHT NOW! Buy or Bust Ep.1

(Images: TFL Studios)

The boys compare three modern and (potentially) collectable cars. Lots of auction action in this series!

What you’re about to see in this first episode of TFLclassics’ “Buy or Bust” series are three cars that are, according to some, modern collectables. As you may well know, finding an affordable yet collectable car is a huge challenge in today’s environment. Unlike auction shows that are bloated and spotlight insanely expensive vehicles, this series goes in the other direction. Most of the vehicles Tommy and Brendan focus on have estimated values between $2,000 – $5,000.

You will see the boys do a walk-around with each vehicle, and a fairly detailed interior tour as well. After they pontificate about their Internet-gained knowledge of each vehicle, they go for a ride. Tommy and Brendan talk about the driving characteristics of each vehicle, and the interior comfort as well. Finally, when they wrap up, they each give a prediction of how much each vehicle will fetch at the auction. Moments after that, we see the verdict and crown a winner.

The first vehicle to roll up is a rare 1995 Riviera by Buick.

Yep, “By Buick.” At the time, Buick wanted to go slightly up-level in their brand’s image, without saying the vehicle was actually a Buick. The Rivera had GM’s ubiquitous 3.8-liter “3800” with a supercharger. There were actually a ton of GM products powered by this setup, and this one made 225 horsepower. All versions powered the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission.

You don’t see many of these on the road – and less than 90,000 were built during its lifecycle.

The next vehicle is a 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML (W163) with 122,000 miles

Both Tommy and Brendan are not very hip to the external gold, or internal beige of this ML. Still, and they do admit, it is in fantastic condition. Tommy once owned a ML 320. Equipped with the 268 horsepower, 4.3-liter V8 and paired to a five-speed automatic transmission, these trucks had a real 4-wheel drive system. Yes, I said “trucks,” these early MLs sat on a frame, just like most pick-em-up trucks.

Finally, we get to the 2013 Mazdaspeed3 – which is in (surprisingly) stock condition.

Normally, go-fast wannabees slap on paint, silly hoses and intake upgrades on the 2,3-liter, turbocharged I4. In this case, it looks like the 265-horsepower mill is unmolested. It comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission. That’s a good thing because only a handful of tuners could truly make the Mazdaspeed3 sing. Power was rarely an issue, but traction and handling were.

In its time, the Mazdaspeed3 was one of the fastest, most intimidating factory built FWD hot hatches out there.

Check out the auction action below!