(Video) The Pontiac Trans Am Is an Awesome & Very Affordable Classic!

The 2000 Pontiac Trans Am with a LS1 V8 featured in this video has a six-speed manual transmission, and epic T-tops!

Reg from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada found this cherry 2000 Pontiac Trans Am with just 37,000 miles on the ticker. It took him four years to find one, and he caught wind of this one, in Minnesota. He made a few discoveries – it is NOT a WS6, despite the ram-air hood and the badging. That was okay with Reg, because the LS1 V8 built at that time made 305 horsepower and 335 lbs-feet of torque.

There were tow major updates Reg performed on his Trans Am, adding a MGW shifter, and a Kenwood multimedia system. Also, Reg pulled the whole interior out, and sound-deadened the whole thing. All of which to mitigate squeaks and rattles.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, and the powertrain (along with T-tops and convertibles), the 2000 Pontiac Trans Am runs between $2,000 to $25,000. There are a few rare models, or limited run Pontiacs that will fetch even more.

Still, it’s not a terrible idea for the collector who wants a real driver, that’s becoming scarce. Other than body panels, a majority of the mechanical and many interior parts are fairly easy to source. On top of that, the LS1 has a reputation for being bulletproof. So, potential reliability is built right in. Other than the weak rear end, it’s a solid runner.

Reg’s perspective on the the 10-bolt GM rear end? He says it’s held together with “hopes and prayers.”

Does that matter? Well, yes – especially if you’re going to add power – which most owners seem to do. It might be a weak point, but it doesn’t make the car any less desirable to some. Besides, if you’re a “Smokey and the Bandit” fan like Reg is: you simply must get a black Trans Am!