This O2 Concept Is Polestar’s Most Photogenic Car Yet, But There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Does your car have its own drone?

The Polestar O2 concept is a bit of a looker (at least in my opinion), but it even has its own drone. (Images: Polestar)

This concept evolves on the earlier “Precept” debut.

As time goes on, Polestar continues to develop its own identity, and that’s certainly the case with today’s reveal: the O2 concept. What you’re looking it is a 2+2 convertible with a retractable hardtop that takes the already stunning look of the earlier Precept to a new level.

To that end, you see similar elements here, from the lighting elements to the sharp-edged nose and rear end. Physically, though, the Polestar O2 concept shaves 12.1 inches off the Precept sedan’s wheelbase. Overall, tightening up the proportions and dropping down to two doors makes this minimalist sports car concept an appealing prospect, if Polestar were to actually put it into production.

Sadly, they’re not — at least that’s what they claim right now. And since there’s no intent to put it into production, there aren’t many ironclad technical specs (like power output) to discuss.

That’s unfortunate, because this is one of the most photogenic Polestars yet, and I’m not just talking about the styling. This car carries its own drone, that emerges from behind the rear seats on demand and follow the car as its moving. Up to 56 mph, at least, the unit will keep up with the car, and drivers can edit and share video footage on the fly through the car’s infotainment system.

Inside the Polestar O2 concept

Speaking of which, Polestar’s latest debut gets a 15-inch central infotainment display, like the Precept. The overall interior layout is fairly minimalistic, while CEO Thomas Ingenlath emphasizes a “thrilling driving experience” thanks to the brand’s electric ambitions. “[The car] looks incredible, and being able to lower the roof and not here an engine promises a superb sensation,” he said in Wednesday’s reveal statement.

Apart from the look and the nifty drone, the Polestar O2 concept is a more impactful case study into the brand’s push for carbon neutrality. Polestar’s so-called “hero car” brings a different approach to sustainability, including a single base material (the company refers to it as thermoplastic mono-material) to craft different components. The idea is to reduce the number of different materials used throughout the car, to make it easier to recycle once it hits the end of its life cycle. Polestar also uses recycled polyester for soft interior components like foam and knit fibers, as well as different, labeled grades of aluminum throughout the chassis to make the car easier to recycle without using all-new resources.

Polestar aims to build a “truly climate-neutral” car by 2030. While this O2 concept may not head to production, the Precept will make it into production by 2024 as the Polestar 5, a four-door GT car.

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