Fisker’s Second Car — The Pear — Should Arrive In 2024, But You Can Reserve One Now

Fisker says the car will cost under $30,000

Fisker PEAR
While we still haven’t seen the Fisker Ocean’s full launch yet, there is another car in the works — the ‘Pear’. (Image: Fisker Inc.)

Fisker is back with some major ambitions for the EV crossover market.

In addition to launching the new Ocean crossover, this second model should arrive in 2024: the Pear. If you’re asking (as I did), “What’s with that name?”, it’s an acronym. Pear stands for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution”, and Fisker aims to slot this model in below the Ocean. To that end, it will also be less expensive: Fisker says it will come in at just $29,900 before available federal and state EV incentives.

So what do we know about it so far? Precious little, actually, as no technical specs are currently available. Instead, the company says the car “blends sustainability, technology, and design into a digitally connected, compact, five-passenger urban EV”. It also promises “intuitive controls, sporty driving, clever storage, and a focus on industry firsts.” That’s all left open to interpretation at this point, so take from that what you will in the interim two years before we actually see this car on the road.

One interesting point about the 2024 Fisker Pear who will build it and where. Magna Steyr will build the Ocean later this year in Austria, but the Pear will be manufactured right here in the USA. In fact, Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn will be responsible for its construction. Not only that, but Foxconn will build the car in Lordstown, Ohio, right alongside the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup.

Fisker Ocean
The Fisker Pear may well resemble the Ocean (shown above), just on a smaller scale.

How much will it cost to reserve a Pear?

If you’re interested, reservations are open now for Fisker’s second upcoming crossover. At minimum, the company claims, production will kick off at 250,000 units each year once cars roll off the line in 2024. You can put your name down for up to two vehicles, at $250 for the first reservation, and $100 for the second.

Again, there’s not much tangible information to inform that pre-order, but if you want to beat most of the queue — especially if they hit a $29,900 price tag — now may be the time to act. Your reservation fee is refundable, but will be subject to a 10% administrative fee if you cancel before entering into a purchase or lease agreement.