Aston Martin DBX707 Throws Down The Gauntlet With Lamborghini-Beating Power

Aston Martin says it's the "most powerful luxury SUV in the world"

The Aston Martin DBX707 ups the ante for the brand’s performance crossover. (Images: Aston Martin)

Meet the DBX707: Aston Martin’s shot across Lamborghini and Porsche’s bow.

Not only are SUVs red-hot, but performance SUVs are in vogue to such an extent that having one somewhere in your lineup is pretty much a requirement. The Aston Martin DBX just took that to heart, by taking the standard 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and cranking the output up to eleven. Or, more specifically, this DBX707 cranks out 697 horsepower — 155 more than you’ll get from the normal car.

The “707” part of its name refers to its metric output (707 PS), while the Mercedes M177 motor also makes a whopping 663 lb-ft of torque. Even better, Aston Martin set this DBX up to send 100% of that torque to the rear axle, at least when the driving conditions allow it. For the time being, this reveal puts the automaker on top in the power race, as the DBX707 manages 56 more horsepower than the Lamborghini Urus. It also manages 27 hp more than the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, 71 hp more than the Bentley Bentayga Speed and 80 hp more than the BMW X5M Competition.

To make the most of all that grunt, the Aston Martin DBX707 gets a new, AMG-sourced 9-speed wet clutch automatic transmission. Engineers also shortened up the electronic rear differential’s final drive ratio to 3.27 (from 3.07) to improve acceleration. Those changes have a profound effect, as the more potent DBX sprints from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds — 1.2 seconds faster than the standard SUV.

Even more handling improvements set the DBX707 apart

On paper, at least, the Aston Martin DBX707 is as much of a bruiser as you’d expect (and appreciate) from the brand. Nevertheless, the automaker refers to its latest super-SUV as “a sabre in a segment of sledgehammers”, ostensibly referring to its handling prowess beyond the sheer brute force. Not only does the hotter DBX see chassis stiffening over the standard DBX, but engineers also increased damper compression and rebound, and reprogrammed the Electronic Active Roll Control system to keep the car’s heft in check. A six-piston caliper, carbon ceramic brake system clamps down on 16.5-inch rotors in the front, while the sports 15.4-inch discs in the rear.

Changes to the exterior and interior styling

On the appearance front, the new Aston Martin DBX707 gets a larger grille with double vanes and six horizontal bars. As ever, that look sets apart the more hardcore performance model from the ordinary version in the showroom and on the road. You get large 22-inch wheels as standard fare (in two styles), but if that isn’t enough 23-inch wheels are optional. A new daytime running light pattern, new intakes, cooling ducts, and dark satin chrome window surrounds further set this DBX apart.

Around the back, you get a new rear bumper, larger gloss black rear diffuser and a large diameter quad-pipe exhaust system.

Inside, sport seats come standard (if you want the more comfortable ones, that is a no-cost option), while Aston Martin further redesigned the center control panel and switchgear for the DBX707. Whichever seat option you pick, you’ll get 16-way adjustment in the front, while both front and rear seats are heated. Three choices of “interior environment” are also available. The standard fit is “Accelerate”, mixing in leather and Alcantara. Inspire Comfort and Inspire Sport can be swapped in, with semi-aniline leather if that’s more your speed.

DBX707 pricing and availability

Aston Martin will kick off production shortly, in the second quarter of 2022. Production will run around 5,000 units per year, with the bulk of that volume likely going to the U.S. and Chinese markets. The automaker has yet to announce specific pricing, but I’d expect it to run well over $200,000. As a reference, the standard DBX starts off at $176,900.