That’s A Nice Touch: The 2022 Lincoln Aviator Gets Slightly (And I Do Mean *Slightly*) Cheaper

The base Standard models are a whole $5 less expensive, but you can save some more cash on the higher trims

2022 Lincoln Aviator Jet Package
Prices usually creep upward with each model year, but the 2022 Lincoln Aviator is actually getting less expensive this time around. (Images: Lincoln)

The 2022 Lincoln Aviator trims a little bit off its official pricing.

It’s by no means unusual to see some price hikes with a new model year, even if there aren’t many fundamental changes. Lincoln’s flagship Navigator, for example, gets a few choice updates with a reported price hike (per Ford Authority) between a mere $5 and $4,555 depending on which trim you choose. If you turn around and check out its smaller Aviator sibling, however, the official manufacturer pricing is actually moving in the other direction. That’s a nice change to see every once in awhile, though “official” is the key word there. Depending on what the dealers in your area are asking, your mileage may vary.

The base Standard model in both RWD and AWD forms shave a whole $5 off the asking price. That puts the Standard RWD at $52,660 including an $1,195 destination fee. While the destination charge went up by $100 for 2022, you still come out a little bit ahead should you want to get into the least expensive Aviator models.

Step up to the Reserve and beyond, though, and the savings are a bit more substantial. The rear-wheel-drive Reserve comes in at $58,550, or $130 less than last year. The Reserve AWD, for its part, comes in $130 less, at $61,080 to start. Picking AWD on either of the two models where it’s an option, the choice has gotten a bit pricier than in 2021. Now, powering all four wheels cost $2,530 extra ($20 more than the option was before).

If you’re sticking with the standard powertrain, the Aviator Black Label comes in at $80,545. That’s $105 less than last year, so we’re still not talking about massive savings this time around.

The Grand Touring has the largest discounts this year

On a dollar-for-dollar basis, the plug-in hybrid Grand Touring models are where the best savings lie. The 2022 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring starts off at $69,555 — a $1,085 drop from the 2021 model. The Grand Touring Black Label tops out the range, but even it is $89,100, or $980 less than last year.

Lincoln’s renamed “Jet Package”

For this model year, the Aviator’s building on the former Monochromatic Package, ditching the chrome to create the “Jet Package”. Virtually all the exterior trim gets a black-out treatment, while you also get gloss black 22-inch wheels as part of the package. It’s not available on the configurator just yet (at time of writing), but a bit more content will likely up the package cost past the $2,000 you’d have to shell out for the old Monochromatic Package. That option will available with four color options, including Pristine White, Infinite black, Silver Radiance and Burgundy Velvet.