The Refreshed 2023 Genesis G90 Debuts As An Even More Handsome, Stately Limo: News

So far we've just seen the exterior, but we should know more in the next few months

2023 Genesis G90
The Genesis G90 was always good, but with these looks? This model will turn some heads. (Images: Genesis)

It’s not even a contest — the 2023 Genesis G90 knocks it out of the park on styling.

For the past five years, Genesis has been fighting an uphill battle with its flagship G90 sedan. It’s long been a great value proposition against the Germans, but the car’s also been understated. That in itself is a virtue to some, but even in the world of luxury sedans, there has to be some pizzazz and a wow factor. The brand’s current-generation flagship is definitely a step in the right direction, but clearly Genesis saw fit to step things up a notch. Enter the 2023 Genesis G90, and let’s not waste time with arguments: It’s stunning.

2023 Genesis G90

All right, all right, I’ll cover the usual shtick — styling is subjective, you can pick apart some of the elements like the split lights, the wheels, etc. On the whole, though, this is certainly the most daring and lavish-looking Genesis G90 yet, though the South Korean reveal does just show off the car’s exterior. Again, it’s not as if the current car is bad by any stretch, but I can’t help but think the interior is getting a similar overhaul. We’re definitely curious to know, especially in light of other recent launches like the GV80 and GV70 crossovers.

At the moment, Genesis made no mention of any technical details, beyond the presence of a long-wheelbase model — at least as a continuation in the Korean market. On the whole, we’d expect the 2023 Genesis G90 to sport a similar powertrain with the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Most likely, though, the 5.0-liter V8 will not return, making some room for an electrified variant down the line. We may even see a full EV version like the G80, but only time will tell.

More information should emerge on the updated G90 ahead of the North American launch next year. Stay tuned form more updates!

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