It’s All About EVs At Auto Shanghai, Including Genesis’ Electrified G80: News

An electric G80 is U.S. bound, with more information coming later this year

Genesis - Electrified G80
The electrified G80 does not yet ride on a bespoke platform, instead converting the existing model to an EV powertrain. (Photos: Genesis)

This electrified G80 is Genesis’ first step into pure EV territory.

From the headline reveals so far, the two abiding words summing up Auto Shanghai 2021 are “battery” and “electric”. Among the automakers charging into the fray is Genesis, with this Electrified G80. At the moment, that is the actual name for the car, as this is not a bespoke EV model. Instead, Genesis converted the remarkably handsome (and just revamped) G80 sedan with an electric drivetrain.

At first glance, only the filled in grille sets the Electrified G80 apart from its gas-powered counterpart. That runs in stark opposition to most other EV efforts, as they’re a far cry from any “ordinary” car you’d normally see running around.That’s no bad thing with Genesis, though, as they’ve been on a serious roll in the styling department. In fact, since it doesn’t need that large mesh grille for cooling air, you could argue this design looks even better than it did before. Around back, the electric model obviously lacks exhaust tailpipe, so keen observers can spot this car by that omission as well.

Range and charging figures

Since it’s not a bespoke EV, the Electrified G80 doesn’t ride on Hyundai Group’s E-GMP platform. However, it does borrow much of the tech Hyundai and Kia have showcased with their cars on that platform thus far. That includes an estimated range of up to 311 miles using the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). The EPA figures will likely put that estimate somewhere under 300, and evidently Korea’s own EV certification standards peg the range at something more like 265 miles.

While the range may not blow your mind, the Electrified G80 does use an 800-volt electrical architecture. That allows 350 kW DC fast charging capability (provided your local charging stations can pump out that much power), charging the car from 10% to 80% in 22 minutes. On the performance front, Genesis says the Electrified G80 can sprint from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. That’s slightly faster than even the V6-powered gas version, but Tesla Model S shredder this is not, even on paper.

This is more of a luxury cruiser than anything, but this G80 does have a trick up its sleeve. The electrified model has a “Vehicle to Load” (V2L) feature, allowing up to 3,600 watts (3.6 kW) power capacity for appliances you want to plug into the car. You may not win a drag race, then, but you could theoretically plug your dryer into the car.

Genesis - Electrified G80

The interior hasn’t changed much, either

On the outside, the Electrified G80 looks more or less like the normal model. That theme continues to the interior, which looks almost identical to the standard G80. That’s no bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but the running theme here is if you like the normal car, this one won’t put you off. If anything, the only substantial change is a power and regen dial in the instrument cluster, in place of the normal tachometer.

For those who think this is just a Chinese market special — it did debut in Shanghai, after all — Genesis will bring the Electrified G80 to the U.S. and Canada. More information on the North American launch should arrive later this year, so we may see the actual car arrive sometime in 2022.