All-new 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and GTS Sport Turismo Expand EV Performance, Luxury, and Style: World Debut

This hot EV wagon packs 590 horsepower.

2022 porsche taycan gts sport turismo la world debut

Here is the world debut of the all-new and all-electric 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS and Taycan GTS Sport Turismo. Here are all the specs and details from the 2021 LA Auto Show. Porsche says the Taycan GTS combines road-focused performance with luxury. It slots into the middle of the Taycan lineup between the Taycan 4S and the Taycan Turbo.

The Taycan GTS will be available as a sedan or in the new Sport Turismo configuration. The Sport Turismo model has the same body as the current Cross Turismo, but it has a lower ride height and unique suspension tuning. The Cross Turismo is just about 0.78 inches taller than the Sport Turismo.

Here is how the new Taycan GTS compares to the 4S and the Turbo models.

Taycan 4S / Cross TurismoTaycan GTS / Sport TurismoTaycan Turbo / Cross Turismo
Power562 hp w/ L.C.590 hp w/ L.C.670 hp w/ L.C.
0-60 MPH3.8-3.9 sec3.5 sec3.0-3.1 sec
Top Speed155 mph161 mph
EPA Range215-227 miles204-212 miles
BatteryStandard size (79.2 kWh)Perf. Battery Plus (93.4 kWh)Perf. Battery Plus
Charge Time 5-80% in under 20 mins5-80% in 22.5 min (up to 270 kW)
BrakesF: 360mm / R: 358mm F: 390mm / R: 358mmF: 410mm / R: 365mm
Price$103,800 – $110,300$131,400 – $133,300$150,900 – $153,500

The Taycan GTS models stand out with the following features.

  • Style
    • SportDesign front fascia and side skirts in high-gloss black
    • Rear diffuser in high-gloss black
    • GTS badges throughout
  • AWD
    • Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus
    • Sport Chrono package / GT multifunction steering wheel / Mode dial
    • Optional: Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport and Rear-axle steering
  • Wheels
    • 20-inch Taycan Turbo S Aero Design wheels
    • 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels (are optional)
  • Matrix PDLS Plus headlights with black tint
  • GTS-specific suspension calibration
    • Adaptive air suspension with Smart Lift
    • Porsche active suspension management
  • Brakes
    • 6-piston front brake caliper on 390 mm rotor
    • 4-piston rear brake caliper on 358 mm rotor
    • Porsche ceramic composite brakes (available)
  • Porsche Electric Sport Sound is deeper & louder inside and out
  • Interior
    • Race-Tex package (similar to other GTS models in Porsche lineup)
    • Optional GTS Interior Package

Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

The Sport Turismo still offers good cargo capacity and utility. It has 15.7 cu-ft of cargo volume in the rear behind the rear seats. It has 42.8 cu-ft of volume with rear seats folded. The front cargo area offers 2.9 cu-ft of space.

The Sport Turismo features a new panoramic sunroof with Variable Light Control. There are nine liquid crystal film segments in the sunroof. There are four sunroof transparency settings: clear, matte, semi (40%), and bold (60%).

We will share a full hands-on video walk-around of the new Taycan GTS Sport Turismo soon! Here is our very own Roman and Tommy on a cross-country road trip in another new Porsche Taycan.