Cadillac Fitted Some Extra Easter Eggs To Blackwing Buyers Who Opt For The Manual Transmission

Cadillac V-Series Blackwing — Easter eggs
GM added some extra easter eggs to the manual V-Series Blackwing production models, including maps of the company’s Milford Proving Grounds and its Warren, Michigan Technical Center where the paddle shifters would be. (Images: Cadillac)

If you nerd out on attention to detail, there’s a few more reasons to get a manual Blackwing.

Should you decide to buy in to Cadillac’s gasoline-powered swan songs — the CT4-V or CT5-V Blackwing — with the 10-speed automatic transmission, you’ll forego some of the easter eggs the automaker put into its cars with the 6-speed manual. In fact, there are more than two dozen examples throughout the car, and it highlighted the paddle shifter covers as two examples.

GM’s Milford Proving Ground and Technical Center, both in Michigan, are embedded into trim pieces where the paddle shifters would be on the automatic models. Other subtle tweaks include the unique Mondrian pattern (like that in the Cadillac crest) on the shift knob. All customers, though, will get a serialized V-Series plaque on the bottom of the steering wheel, and a Blackwing emblem on each of the 19-inch Tech Bronze wheels.

The first 250 units of both the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwings are the “Collector Series” vehicles. To that end, each of those cars will get two more signed collector plates on the sills. A few other easter eggs may be harder to spot, as well. While GM does mention another Mondrian pattern under the air strakes of cars with the Carbon Fiber 1 package, but the company said it will not reveal some of the Easter eggs — so the hunt is on to find some of those examples.

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