Toyota Retires The Camry NHRA Funny Car For A GR Supra: News

The first race of the 2022 season is coming up in February

Toyota GR Supra — NHRA Funny Car
Toyota’s bringing the Supra-inspired Funny Car into the 2022 season, which kicks off in February. (Images: Toyota)

Funny car rules make for some, well, interesting looks…and the Supra is no exception.

Since 2012, Toyota’s been using its ordinary Camry sedan for the basis of its Funny Car design. Now, the automaker’s bringing what you could argue is a more appropriate name and reputation to the game for their 21st NHRA season. The GR Supra makes sense — it is the brand’s powerful, rear-drive sports car after all — but we’ll let you make your own call on the look.

Unlike the actual Supra, Funny Cars run with V8 engines up to 500 cubic inches.

Case in point? Per the company’s release Monday: “Toyota’s commitment to race vehicles that closely resemble production vehicles continues with this GR Supra. With the new body on the Funny Car for 2022, it marks the most significant styling characteristics of any previous Funny Car.”

Apart from translating the Supra into a Funny Car (again, you be the judge on that one), Toyota also announced a host of safety enhancements for the new season. For a start, the automaker says there’s better outward visibility from behind the wheel. Drivers will also have more room behind their helmets and Toyota added in more safety foam in the cockpit.

The 2022 NHRA Funny Car season kicks off at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California in February. If you’re more interested in seeing the production Supra in action, watch on below: