The 2022 Honda Civic Si Brings A List Of Improvements, And A Couple Surprises: News

Honda seems to focus more on refinement and responsiveness, rather than huge power gains here

2022 Honda Civic Si
The 2022 Honda Civic Si iterates on a successful formula, but I thought one change was…surprising. (Images: Honda)

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Honda’s sportier Civic has arrived for the 11th generation.

After a host of teasers and even a look at a racing-focused version, we can finally share official information on the production 2022 Honda Civic Si. On the whole, its styling broadly follows that of its ordinary sedan sibling — though the automaker did, of course, bring some sportier elements to the equation. Gone is the last generation’s coupe, leaving just the sedan this time around if you want a sportier Si. However, like before, it is available exclusively with a manual transmission. Huzzah! It even gets rev-matching capability like the Type R, as well.

Now, even with the headline changes, this is not a complete and utter revolution from the Civic Si that came before. Instead, I’d lean more toward thinking of this car in terms of refinement and responsiveness, rather than out-and-out speed. If you’re uncompromising on wanting more speed, don’t worry. The Type R hatchback is still on its way, and should be here before long, now that the Si has arrived.

What has changed, then? Starting off, Honda’s revamped the exhaust system, offering up 27% better flow compared to the standard, 1.5-liter turbo-equipped Civic Touring. The Si’s peak torque comes on 300 RPM sooner, offering better performance off the line. A new single-mass flywheel is 26% lighter than the dual-mas unit in the old Si. At the front, a helical limited-slip differential helps maintain traction, as power still (as you’d expect) goes strictly to the front wheels.

As standard equipment, the 2022 Honda Civic Si gets 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in all-season tires. That said, you can pair up the tweaked drivetrain and suspension with summer tires for the most gratifying driving experience, depending on the conditions where you live.

Here’s a surprising figure…

All those relatively minor changes should add up to a snappier driving experience, if not an altogether faster one. That’s especially true because the 1.5-liter engine in the 2022 Honda Civic Si now makes 200 horsepower — five less than the outgoing generation. Torque is still the same at 192 lb-ft, again with the slightly broader peak band. Honda says its improved peak horsepower at the top of the rev range too, between 6,000 RPM and the car’s 6,500 RPM redline. Still, I was hoping for a bit more oomph, if only on paper. When it comes down to it, that 200 horsepower figure puts the Civic Si in third place, (just) behind the Hyundai Elantra N Line and more than 10% down on the larger-engined Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

On the flip side, the 2022 Honda Civic Si does weigh in at 2,952 pounds. That’s right around the same as the Elantra — not surprising, given the similarly sized engine — and substantially less than the 3,228-pound Jetta. In terms of on-paper performance among the three cars, then, everything should more or less come out a wash for the new Si. The Honda also rides on a longer 107.7-inch wheelbase compared to its rivals, though it comes in over an inch shorter overall (and sports a wider rear track) than the Volkswagen.

Honda’s tweaks to the 1.5-liter mill also help with fuel economy, not that this car chugged gas in the first place. Now, the updated Si returns 27 City / 37 Highway / 31 Combined MPG, which is a 1 MPG improvement over the old car.

The 2022 Honda Civic Si gets a much-needed interior update

Like I said earlier, interior updates to the 2022 Honda Civic Si largely mirror the regular sedan, which is definitely no bad thing. A 9-inch touchscreen replaces the dated 7-inch affair from the old model, while you also get a much nicer-looking steering wheel and vent layout. You still get properly sporty seats, and once again that 6-speed manual transmission. And no, the enthusiast in me can’t and won’t ever emphasize that enough.

Other quality-of-life changes include wireless Apple CarPlay along with Android Auto integration, as well as a Bose Centerpoint 2 premium sound system. At what’s sure to be an attractive price point, the 2022 Honda Civic Si should hit most enthusiasts’ need for performance — though we’ll have to see just how much better this version really is when we drive it in the coming weeks.

At this point, actual pricing for the 2022 Honda Civic Si has yet to emerge. That will likely coincide with the media drive, though I expect Honda to keep the car around the $26,000-$27,000 range. That’s where the competition sits, and that would likely still split the difference between the standard sedan and the red-hot Type R.