Time To Get Excited: A New Lamborghini Countach Is On Its Way!

Hopefully we'll see its launch sometime in the next year or two

Lamborghini Countach teaser
The Lamborghini Countach is arguably one of its most iconic models — and now a modern version is coming. (Images: Lamborghini)

Even under a cover, there’s no mistaking that wedge.

Hopefully, like us, you’re already at the edge of your seat checking out the image above. So let’s follow that up with the punchline once more: A new Lamborghini Countach is coming.

Love or hate Lambos, you can’t deny that the Countach is one of the brand’s most iconic supercars. The last time we had a new model was 1990, when the Italian automaker axed the 16-year production run to make way for the Diablo. Now, you can think of the Aventador as a sort of spiritual successor to the Countach — it fills the same space as a big, mid-engined sports car — but now the real deal is making its return.

If it sounds like I’m waffling, there aren’t really any technical details on the car yet. Just this tweet, which you can check out below:

What will happen with this new car?

Naturally, Lamborghini fills its Countach teaser with all the right sights and noises to get folks amped up. What has us curious, though, is how the company will go about fulfilling the vision of a modern take on the classic supercar. Electrification will almost certainly play into the car’s development. That said, Lamborghini hasn’t seemed too keen to dump its V12 powertrain, even in the face of changing times — just look at the Sián.

As for the rest of what’s going on or when we’ll see it — that’s anybody’s guess for the time being. With this teaser, though, the countdown has started. It’s likely we’ll see some follow-up (and possibly a reveal) with the new Lamborghini Countach sometime next year, with an actual launch possibly coming in 2023.