The Lamborghini Sián Is A Hybrid Hypercar As Only Lamborghini Could Build It

Don't worry, most of the time you'll be on the V12

Lamborghini Sián

It’s really a hybrid in name only.

If you want something fast, yet subtle — something that will fly under the radar — this certainly isn’t it. What we have here, instead, is the Lamborghini Sián, and it’s a “hybrid” hypercar with 819 horsepower and the fastest 0-60 time of any Lamborghini yet. It looks awesome, and there’s no doubt it’s fast as hell, but there’s a fly in the “hybrid” ointment. Its electric motor is not meant for emissions-free driving. Instead, it’s there more or less to help that massive V12 put its power down.

Let’s start with the rest of the numbers. The Lamborghini Sián is the most powerful model yet with its 819 horsepower output. It also accelerates faster than any previous Lamborghini, managing 0-60 in “under 2.8 seconds”, according to the company’s release. It also supposedly has a top speed over 217 mph, which is the Aventador’s top speed. Lamborghini is limiting production to just 63 units, a nod to its 1963 founding, and they’re all sold.

While cars like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and the McLaren P1 also employ hybrid systems, the Sián takes a different approach. It uses supercapacitors that store and discharge energy much more quickly than normal batteries. However, because it can’t hold as much as traditional batteries, this is not a car that will drive for any appreciable distance on electricity alone. Instead, the car’s 34 horsepower electric motor “supports low-speed maneuvers such as reversing or parking,” according to Lamborghini.

Engineers incorporated the motor into the transmission, though, which helps with responsiveness and improved performance. While the system is not tremendously powerful, it is lightweight, tipping the scales at just 34 kilograms (75 pounds). The rest of the power comes from Lamborghini’s updated 6.5-liter V12 engine, which produces 785 horsepower on its own.

All sold out

We don’t even know how much the Lamborghini Sián is going to cost, but it doesn’t matter anyway. The company announced it had already sold all the examples its making, so you can’t buy one. Still, even among the other crazy special edition Lamborghinis the Sián is something special.