After All The Delays, 2021 Ford Bronco Production Finally Kicks Off: News

The ball is officially rolling, after months of delays

2021 Ford Bronco production
Full-scale production of the Ford Bronco is now underway. (Images: Ford)

After numerous delays, the 2021 Ford Bronco has officially started production at the Michigan Assembly Plant.

More than 125,000 2021 Ford Bronco orders have been placed, with a total of more than 190,000 reservations in the United States and Canada. Ford has invested $750 million along with adding around 2,700 jobs at the Wayne, Michigan assembly plant to build the new Bronco.

There will also be a 1.7 million square foot Modification Center, next to the Michigan Assembly Plant. That facility will offer a variety of Ford-offered upgrades (think lights, armor and graphics – among others). On top of that, Bronco owners can choose from a lineup of more than 200 factory-backed accessories added at the dealership.

“We have the most skilled workforce in America working in a plant that’s state-of-the-art. It’s an unbeatable combination designed to deliver our customers a high-quality, ready-for-anything, all-new Bronco.”

John Savona, vice president, manufacturing and labor affairs

What was up with all the Ford Bronco delays?

After years of teasing the public, and automotive journalists alike — Ford ended up delaying production for the new Bronco more than once. Several factors contributed to that decision: Mainly, COVID-19 related closures and the resulting supply chain issues, as well as the ongoing semiconductor shortage. One specific delay centered around the Bronco’s removable painted modular hardtop is a shining example of how suppliers are still trying to get back into their pre-pandemic rhythm. Buyers will have to wait until the 2022 model year if they want that specific option.

In the meantime, Ford was able to successfully launch the smaller Ford Bronco Sport crossover. Getting a vehicle which so many people have been excited about into production, though, has taken some more patience and problem solving.

Here is Ford’s take on the matter:

“We know the fans have been waiting for the Bronco – and we’re so excited to bring it back. And this Bronco is better than ever. We’re staying authentic to Bronco’s goes-over-any-terrain heritage. and have leveraged the brand’s Built Wild innovative design, durability and advanced off-road capability to get the most out of every adventure in the wild.”

Suzy Deering, Ford chief marketing officer

With the base model two-door starting at $29,995, Ford stated that dealership deliveries will bein immediately. You can watch the Bronco Celebration, available beginning today at 10 a.m. EDT, for an “immersive Bronco launch experience.”