Lotus Teases The Emira As Its Last Gas-Powered Models Before Shifting Toward Full EVs: News

We'll see the car in full detail with more specs on July 6th

Lotus Emira
(Images: Lotus)

The Lotus Emira will debut July 6th, 2021, and it’s the last Lotus to burn petrol as all-electric products are coming.

Formally known as the Type 131, the new Lotus Emira effectively replaces the old Evora, Elise and Exige in the lineup. Soon, the all-electric Evija hypercar will kick off production, and that will officially lead Lotus into fully electric vehicles from here on out. In essence, this is the last hurrah for Lotus’ internal combustion power. As such, they’re aiming to bring more powerful offerings to the table.

This is the all-electric Lotus Evija – which will be the first of Lotus’ battery-powered future. The Lotus Emira is a stepping stone to the brand’s full EV intentions.

Details are thin, Lotus did reporetedly scrap ideas to make the vehicle a PHEV, or other type of hybrid. Instead, they aimed at bringing back their Toyota-built 3.5 liter, supercharged V6, that currently makes up to 416 horsepower. This engine will likely see some crucial updates for this final round in production. Lotus should also offer it with a manual and automatic transmission. According to Car & Driver, a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder making 300 horsepower will round out the options for the Emira. That engine should be paired to a dual-clutch transmission.

There is no mention from Lotus about the builder of this engine. Reports say it will not come from Volvo/Geely. The automaker will use a modified version of the Evora’s bonded aluminum structure called the Sports Car platform. This is one of other platforms expected in the near future.

Here’s more from Matt Windle, Lotus Managing Director:

“It’s the most accomplished Lotus for generations – the perfectly packaged, powered, and formed sports car. Beautifully proportioned, shrink-wrapped, but with comfort, technology and ergonomics built in. With a design inspired by the Evija all-electric hypercar, it’s a game-changing Lotus sports car.”

The Lotus Emira is just the beginning

In the near future Lotus (which is owned by Geely) is hoping to not only go all-electric. They want to diversify their portfolio with other options. Four platforms are currently being developed by Lotus. The first Sports Car platform underpins the Lotus Emira. The second “Hypercar platform” underpins the all-electric Evija. Built in partnership with Alpine, the third platform is known internally as the “E-Sports platform.” The fourth platform is the SUV/crossover platform that has been under development for some time – yet we still have no official name for it.

“Building on the launch of the Emira,these cars will catapult Lotus into a new era of higher retail volumes and significant revenues.”


Windle said he has challenged Lotus’ teams to target the same weight as our latest combustion engine sports cars.

The new Lotus Emira will be revealed on July 6. After that, it will do a larger “dynamic” public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 8.