The 2,000 Horsepower Lotus Evija Claims The ‘World’s Most Powerful Production Car’ Title

It will set you back $2.1 million

Lotus Evija

It will set you back $2.1 million.

Lotus hasn’t debuted an all-new car for quite a few years now, but today that’s all changed. Meet the Evija — formerly known by its “Type 130” project code — an electric hypercar with a production run limited to just 130 units. Production will start next year in Hethel, UK. With a total output of nearly 2,000 horsepower, this Lotus has a truly eye-watering price tag around $2.1 million (£1.7 million).

Here are the figures. The all-electric Lotus Evija manages its targeted 2,000 horsepower figure by way of four electric motors placed at each wheel. The [capacity] battery pack is mid-mounted just behind the seats. Lotus claims it has the “lightest, most energy dense, electric power package ever fitted to a road car.”

On the lightness front, The Lotus Evija weighs 3,700 pounds. Thanks to all that power and 1,254 lb-ft of torque, though, Lotus claims it can sprint from 0-62 mph in “under three seconds” on its way to a 200 mph top speed.

‘An amazing moment’

Russell Carr, Lotus’ Design Director, said the company studied Le Mans racers in determining how the Evija would look. “…Le Mans race cars use air flow creatively to go over, under and around the vehicle, but also through it. This concept of ‘porosity’ is key to the Evija and has enabled us to create a timeless design with exceptional amounts of downforce.”

Even with the grunt and remarkable claimed speed — Lotus says it will get up to 186 mph in nine seconds — the Evija will still be able to drop up to a projected range of 250 miles on a charge (on the WLTP cycle). The company says the Evija has the world’s “fastest charging battery”, capable of charging on an 800kW fast charger.

For the time being, the car can use existing 350kW technology, the most powerful currently available. Lotus claims owners can charge the Evija up to 80 percent in 12 minutes and fully charge it in 18 minutes.