Oh, Florida (And This Jumping Hyundai Santa Fe Driver)…Don’t Stop Being Awesome

Okay, as mad as it looks, *don't* copy this

Come on, you know you’ve thought about it.

If you’ve ever been stuck at a draw bridge, you’ve had that “what if” thought pass through your head. If only for a moment, we all think we’re capable of movie-level stunts. What’s more, some people actually do have the balls to say “screw it!” and just give it a run. At least, that’s what the driver of this Hyundai Santa Fe thought when they jumped this rising bridge in Daytona Beach, Florida. And for those who just said “of course”, yes we all know.

WESH 2, a local station, posted the story Wednesday.

In this case, the SUV barreled through a traffic arm that was down at the approaches to the bridge. That wasn’t enough to stop our intrepid driver, though. Moments after, they yeet right over the widening gap, before hitting the brakes on the other side — perhaps in disbelief they actually pulled this stupid stunt off.

Obviously, it goes without saying, you shouldn’t do this. It’s a dumb move for many reasons, most important of which is your own wellbeing, to say nothing of the property damage. Still, the driver appears to be totally fine, though reports say police identified the driver and will be having a word with them, if they haven’t already.

There you have it — the more you know.

H/T to Jason Torchinsky over at Jalopnik for spotting this, and writing an awesome take on it as only he can.