Toyota Debuts Open-Air Supra Sport Top SEMA Concept: What Do You Think?

Toyota rolled out a 'Heritage Edition' coupe as well

Toyota Debuts Open-Air Supra Sport Top SEMA Concept: Would You Buy One?
Toyota unveiled both the Heritage Edition (top) and convertible (Photos: Toyota)

A convertible Toyota Supra? Oh yes, it’s a thing — at least in concept form. Beyond the more hardcore drift car concepts the automaker and its partners recently rolled out in lieu of a physical SEMA show this year, this Supra Sport Top a Targa-themed throwback to models of the past. Specifically, the removable Sport-Roof panel you could buy starting with the 1986-1/2 models. Toyota opted to show this car in white with a piano black canopy to really focus your eye toward the roof (or where the roof normally would be, at least). Granted, it’s not a full convertible like, say, the BMW Z4, but it does offer some open-air fun while keeping the rigidity you’d expect from a true sports coupe.

Toyota Debuts Open-Air Supra Sport Top SEMA Concept: Would You Buy One?

Unlike the older cars with removable roof panels, we aren’t talking about a T-Top arrangement here. Instead, Toyota says it reinforced large parts of the car’s chassis so the Supra Sport Top could be an open-air model. Under the hood, the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine is still at this Supra’s heart. With Brembo brakes and a MkIV-inspired wing on the back, this could be the most fun Supra yet. That is, if Toyota decides to put it into production. At this point, the Supra Sport Top is purely a concept.

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