Video: Does Tesla Build a Good AWD System? We Find Out With a Model Y!

How does the Model Y perform?

We put the Model Y On The TFL Slip Test to find out if Tesla built a good AWD system!

TFL Studios has owned three all-wheel drive (AWD) Teslas over the past few years; including the Model 3, Model X and now, the Model Y. In our very own TFL Slip Test, we get a chance to challenge AWD system to perform under arduous conditions. Using rollers, we completely deprive various wheels of traction in a variety of tests.

Video: Does Tesla Build a Good AWD System? We Find Out With a Model Y!
(Images: TFLcar)

Our Tesla Model Y is the “Performance” version with AWD. That means it has two electric motors; one powering the front wheels, one for the rear. Because we live in snow country, we added snow-rated tires and different wheels to our Tesla out of necessity. The thing is: snow tires make no difference on the TFL Slip Test. It’s all about the traction control system and (in many cases) the distribution of power threw a clutch or transfer case. Not so with the Tesla.

Video: Does Tesla Build a Good AWD System? We Find Out With a Model Y!

This is Tommy’s test, he came up with it and he runs it each time. It takes a ton of work just to position the rollers correctly, and to make sure there’s enough clearance for the vehicle(s) to safely come off the rollers – which can happen. The test consist of four trials, with most AWD vehicles struggling the most on the last few tests.

First, Tommy forces the vehicle to run on the rollers with the front wheels deprived of traction. Because the Tesla is supposed to be more of a rear-drive-bias vehicle AND with a larger electric motor in the rear, Tommy opted to start with the easiest test. After that, he immobilized the rear wheels in what proved to be a more difficult test of the Tesla’s AWD system. Finally, his last two tests forced all but one wheel to be completely deprived of traction.

This was, by far, the most difficult test.

During the final tests, Tommy did engage the Slip Start and Off-road assist system to see if there would be a difference when pushed. There was – a bit. The overall conclusion was impressive with the Model Y, albeit not 100% perfection.

Check out this video and let us know what you think!